poles 150We've started a riding club for the kids. Club members have 2 rides a month, and the Indoor Arena is reserved just for the Sunflower Riding Club on those days. It is an opportunity for the kids to make friends at the barn. And on top of all that they will get to go on an annual trip with their friends and their horses.

The Sunflower Riding Club is very affordable with an annual fee of $50 per year and $15 per month. Dues are used to pay the instructors, occassional pizza and sodas, and, in part, the annual trip.

Kids are divided into age groups of 12 & older, and 11 and younger. In addition to both western and english lessons, educational clinics, fund raising and community service opportunities will also be included in the activities. The goal is tyo provide the kids with opportunities that they would not normally have.