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Silver Quarter Acres - Rules

RulesThese rules are for the safety of our boarders, visitors and horses. In addition to the rules on this list, we expect our boarders and guests to be respectful of people, property and animals.

General Rules
  • No smoking, drug or alcohol use - anywhere, anytime!
  • ALL visitors and boarders must sign a liability release form - no exceptions. Boarders are responsible for having their visitors sign and return in advance a liability release form.
  • Please park only in designated parking areas and drive no faster than 5 mph while on SQA property. Parking is not allowed in front of the barn entrances, arena gates, porta-potty, or in the road. Parking near tack areas is permitted for loading and unloading only.
  • Trailer parking is allowed in designated areas. There is a charge for trailer parking.
  • Trailers and personal property is stored at your own risk.
  • Latex balloons, firecrackers and other potentially noise-making items are prohibited.
  • You and your visitors must wear closed-toe footwear at all times even if not riding or handling a horse. Bare feet, sandals or other footwear that leaves feet exposed is prohibited.
  • Stable hours are from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Special arrangements are required if you need to be on the premises at other hours.
  • Abuse of any animal or person is not allowed. For example, we consider it abuse to use any kind of whip or spur that leaves marks on your horse.
  • If you go through a closed gate, close it behind you.
  • Horses are not allowed where underground septic systems are located including in front (north) of the Vet’s office and in front (east) of the clubhouse.
  • Horse washing may only be done at the wash rack located near the south east corner of the outdoor arena.
  • If you use a water hose anywhere on the property, it must be disconnected from the water hydrant, drained completely of water, and recoiled on the ground after each use.
  • Trailer-in and ride-in horses are allowed in designated areas with prior management approval.
  • Tack lockers and tack rooms in the barn are available for horses boarded in the barn. Outside tack rooms are available for horses boarded outside.
  • Children under 8 must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times, and may not yell, run or otherwise spook the horses.
  • No children are allowed on or around the tractors or equipment, whether running or not, without prior permission from Management.
  • No baby strollers, bicycles, motorized vehicles or toys likely to spook horses are permitted without prior permission from Management.
  • Dogs are permitted on Stable property so long as they are on a leash under their owner's control at all times.
  • No dogs are permitted in the arenas or round pens, and under no circumstances may dogs chase other animals.
  • Management may refuse to permit on the property any dog for any reason.
Safety and Etiquette
  • You must keep your horse under control at all times.
  • Leading a horse from a motorized vehicle is prohibited.
  • Clean up after yourself, your horses, visitors, farriers and vets at all times, and keep the tack rooms clean and neat.
  • Please pick up and put away tack, manure forks and all other equipment when you are done using them.
  • Please do not borrow or handle other boarder’s property without their permission.
  • Do not feed anything to other boarder’s horses without their permission.
  • Tie your horse only in designated areas to tie rails or rings. All horses must be tied with a quick-release knot or snap. Never tie to panels, gates, stall doors, round pens, or fence rails.
  • Do not leave your tied horse unattended.
  • Remove lead ropes, halters, and grooming supplies from the tack area before you leave to ride.
  • If someone else has their horse tied in the grooming area ASK before tying your horse next to it.
  • If your horse is tied in a place where others want to pass through, please move your horse promptly so that they can pass safely.
  • Management approval is required before accessing feed or bedding supplies.
  • Boarder’s feed and treat supply must be stored in a rodent proof container.
  • You must provide a properly fitted halter and lead rope for each of your horses and store them in plain view on your stall door or in the cubby box.
  • If you notice damage to your horse's stall, shelter, pen or a common area please inform Management immediately.
  • If you require music or other audio for your riding, please ask others first.
  • Ensure that your horse can safely load and unload from a trailer.
Riding Safety and Arena Etiquette
  • All riders who are jumping must wear a properly fitted, approved riding helmet with the chinstrap securely fastened.
  • All riders must wear proper attire at all times, including closed-toe footwear with a heel.
  • No one may jump on premises without another adult present and prior permission from management.
  • Longeing is only permitted in round pens and other designated longeing areas. You may longe your horse while riders are in the arena only with those riders permission.
  • Riders going in opposite directions must pass left-shoulder to left-shoulder, and riders going in the same direction must pass only on the inside.
  • Equipment such as jumps, barrels or poles may be setup and used only with the permission of riders in the arena, and must be removed from the arena after use.
  • Turnout time shall not exceed 15 minutes. Turnout is permitted in the areas designated by Stable. Riders have priority over turnouts for arena use. Unattended turn out is not allowed.
  • If any rider falls, all other riders must immediately halt their horses and dismount, assist the fallen rider, then inform Stable management.
  • Please pick up your horses manure in the arenas and round pens.
  • Please turn off lights and stereo when you leave the indoor arena.
  • All mounting, dismounting and tack adjustments need to be done in the middle of the arena.
  • All riders should sit on their horses in a correct, forward-facing position at all times.
Other People With Your Horse
  • If someone else will be riding or caring for your horse while you are away, please inform management.
  • If you lease your horse, please provide Stable management with a copy of the lease agreement.
  • All trainers and instructors must be pre-approved by Stable management, must carry commercial liability insurance, and must agree to Stable’s Professional Use Policy.
  • Stable will occasionally host trainers, clinicians or groups at which times the arena may be closed to riders not participating in the activity. Times and dates will be posted ahead of time and boarders are encouraged to participate.