Healthy moms. Healthy babies.Our goal is straightforward: provide sufficient feed to satisfy nutrient requirements for growth, maintenance, or work while maintaining optimal body condition. To do that, we use quality Purina feed products, premium grass and alfalfa hay and a fresh organic barley fodder that we grow on site.

Our feed program will deliver the vitamins, minerals, protein and energy that your horse needs. With your input, we will develop a specific diet for your equine friend using the following products:

Included with board, resident horses may receive up to six units of forage and two units of another feed product daily. We feed twice a day, in the morning and afternoon. An optional mid-day feeding is also available.

Purina and their local distributor provides us with telephone and on-site professional support services including access to equine specialists and nutritionists, analytical testing, and even veterinary services support.

With all this nutritional firepower available, we are confident that you and your horse will be satisfied with the results. We are always happy to discuss with you or your veterinarian any unique nutritional needs your horse may have.