Blanket Washing & Repair

Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:

Horse Blanket Washing & Repair
By Sue Glenn

Saddle Pads/Wraps - $8.00 each/set
Blankets of any Kind - $15.00 each
Nylon or Cotton Sheets - $10.00 each
Hood or Neck Piece - $8.00 each
Waterproofing - I use Nikwax - $15.00 each blanket

A flat labor rate of $35 per hour includes all materials and hardware. A typical repair runs between $5 to $25 and up.
Because my machines are electronic, I require the blanket be already clean or washed by me at the above rate.

All items are prewashed, washed (often double washed), rinsed 2-3 times in cold water and line dried to prevent shrinkage. As much hair and dirt as possible is removed from Velcro and cloth of each item. Then each item is inspected for needed repairs, folded and put into a clean bag with your name on it and delivered to your barn. A text or phone call is sent to you when ready for pick up.

I can also embroider items with initials, horse's name or monogram if you would like. The largest size I can do is 4.5" x 7". Cost is typically $10-$15 depending on stitch count.

I pick up weekly and try to have a quick turn-around. Fill out a label and attach it to each item or bag of items. Please call me with any questions you may have!